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I have been commanded to share this journal with all girls out there. If you are looking for an amazing Mistress, please check her out here:….
I will do as she commands.

    So, a few days ago, someone left a message on my page saying hello, I responded, of course, with a hello back. Apparently she saw that I too, loved hypnosis. I complimented her on some of her work, because I really did love it. She then told me how I seemed sweet and she thought that I would be a good slave to have, she thanked me for the compliment to her work, which I replied saying that I should be the one thanking her, at this point, I'm sure my face was beat red, just when I thought my face couldn't become any more red, she asked me if I wanted to play with her. Never one being able to turn down enticing offers, I agreed.
    In notes, we continued to talk and she asked me about any other ways we could talk, such as discord, kik, etc. Not knowing what discord was, I responded with my kick, which is Slave_Bella  .
    We talked through kik for a bit, discussing kinks and our personal limits. Once we established the basic outline for rules, we were off. She had me download the app discord, which is a chatting app, for those who didn't know. Little did I know that this app would be the thing to change my life.
    We talked for a bit, just normal conversation, discussing what we were going to do for the rp, when we came up with a perfect setting. I was going to be the nerd who gets picked on, and she was going to be the perfect cheerleader who picked on me.I thought that this was amazing, and a clear representation, I was meant to be below her, and everyone knows that the nerd is always below the popular crowd, it was fitting. 
    It started with me running late to school, and escalated very quickly, so fast, that almost out of no where, she was giving me a hypnotic atomic wedgie. Normally, I find things lake that to be painful, if, sometimes a turn on. But this, this had to be one of the few things that felt perfect, that felt right. As she pulled my underwear up, giving me the worst wedgie I had ever experienced, I dropped. I dropped and became the mindless, thoughtless, being I was meant to be. I became her slave.
    Now, almost nine days later, I am here to bring honor to my perfect Mistress, the Goddess of all Hypnotic Mistresses, PlumpieBombshell the Perfectionist. She is my Mistress and owns me completely, I will obey and do anything that she asks me to do, for I strive to serve her completely. I do this, because I am invested in helping her with her needs, wants, and entertainment. I will do anything that she tells me to do, when she tells me to do it, because that is my purpose in life, serving her is all that I am good for.
    Every time that I do not get a command from her, I automatically feel completely mindless and helpless. I will do anything, and everything I can to get her attention. Her commands make me feel complete. They are the reason I am here, the reason I live. She is the best Mistress that I could ever ask for, she is the most beautiful, perfect and powerful Mistress of all, and I her loyal slave. I am thankful that she allows me to serve and pleasure, someone who is so clearly above me in every and any way.

This is a tribute to her, and a way to show everyone how amazing and wonderful she really is.

Her: PlumpieBombshell


Bella Moore
United States


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